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Marketing and PR for Chess

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Since 2004 I have been devoting a lot of time to the projects aimed at promoting the game of chess. In 2012 I founded the Chess for Children Charity () and have since focused on the program development for the charity as the Founding President.

The domain in 2008-2014 was used for my personal blog about Marketing and PR for chess. In 2021 I gathered on this page some information about my chess projects, which may be of interest to anyone looking for ideas and approaches to promote the game of chess.

With best wishes,

Olena Boytsun

WIM, IO, Founding President of the

All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation

“Chess for Children"

Chess projects by Olena Boytsun

(2004 -2014)

Chess projects by Olena Boytsun

(2004 -2014)
In 2004, Olena Boytsun founded - a chess website for children and youth. The main goals of the project were to promote chess among young people, to create opportunities for young chess players from all over the world into the communication and to involve children with disabilities, especially those with hearing impairments, into playing chess.
The website worked for 2 years, unfortunately, the materials were not saved. has become a prominent project in the chess environment, regularly publishing materials about children's competitions, interviews and entertaining articles about chess. Olena developed the technical description, design and structure of the website, and also worked on the project as the editor-in-chief. The authors, who were mostly young chess players themselves, took part in the project on a volunteer basis.
In 2006, the personal website of chess grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov was launched. Ruslan was”the youngest world chess champion" at the time. Olena Boytsun developed the concept of Ruslan's personal brand development, including the technical description and design of the webpage, coordinated the development and creation of materials, including photographs that were specially created for the website design.
In 2008, Olena Boytsun launched a personal blog about chess marketing and PR - "thoughts about how to make chess even more popular." The project was well known among chess professionals, including both theoretical analysis and examples from the Olena’s practice. To some extent thanks to the blog Olena has begun working with the Association of Chess Professionals and then worked as the Marketing Director of the Ukrainian Chess Federation. The blog was active until 2013. After the founding of the Chess for Children Charity, Olena closed the blog and is focusing on the work of the foundation.

A personal post in the memory of Olena's coach GM Alexander Moroz was saved in the archives of the blog.

Articles and publications about chess

Since 2004, Olena Boytsun has published more than 80 articles on chess in such media as New in Chess, Chessbase, British Chess Magazine, Schach, Ladja and others. Olena was accredited as a journalist and a photographer at high level chess competitions, including the World Championships in Brissago in 2004 and Bonn in 2008, the Chess Olympiads in Turin in 2006 and in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2010, the international tournaments in Wijk-aan-Zee in 2004-2006, Sofia in 2006, Dortmund 2004-2006, Odessa in 2004-2008 and others. Olena also regularly published articles about Ukrainian chess players and events in the foreign press in English, German and Spanish.

Ukraine at the Chess Olympiad 2010

Olena Boytsun prepared a series of interviews with all members of the Ukrainian men and women national teams for the 2010 Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk. The publication in English was distributed to participants, journalists and delegates from national federations, and became especially popular due to the brilliant victory of the Ukrainian men chess team.

Ukrainian Chess Federation

In 2010-2012, Olena Boytsun worked as the Marketing Director of the Ukrainian Chess Federation, chaired the UCF's International Affairs Commission and represented Ukraine at the FIDE congresses.

During this period Ukrainian chess players won the title of Olympic champions (men, Chess Olympiad 2010) and bronze medalists of the Olympiad (men and women, Chess Olympiad 2012), Anna Ushenina became the Women World Champion in chess (2012). Strong national championships among men and women were organised in Ukraine, and the introduction of the national Chess Day was officially approved. Chess news appeared regularly on TV and in the press, and the work with news agencies was established. Special events and cooperation with sponsors were held with the aim to popularise chess.

Olena also conducted the rebranding for the federation: the old logo was replaced by a new, more modern, one, which is still used by the federation for more than 10 years now, and a new brand identity was developed for the federation and its projects.

2011 - Booklet: 80th Ukrainian Men's Chess Championship (Ukrainian, 0.5 MB)   

2012 - 10 pages about chess - to the day of the journalist (Ukrainian, 0,3Mb)   

2012 - Booklet: 72nd Ukrainian Women's Chess Championship (Ukrainian, 1.14 MB)    

2012 - Booklet: 81st Men's Chess Championship of Ukraine (Ukrainian, 0.7 MB)   


Chess day in Ukraine

On November 1, 2011, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the Resolution "On the Proclamation of Chess Day in Ukraine". 277 people's deputies of Ukraine voted for the adoption of the Resolution, including representatives of all parliamentary fractions and non-fractional deputies. The annual celebration of the Chess Day in Ukraine takes place on the 20th of July. This day has been also the International Chess Day since 1966. On July 20, 2012, the Marketing Directorate of the Ukrainian Chess Federation organised the first celebration of the Chess Day in Ukraine.

2012 - Chess Day in Ukraine. Press report on events by region

(Russian, Ukrainian, 128 Mb)

International Chess Federation (FIDE)

Olena Boytsun was a councillor of the FIDE Events commission and a member of the FIDE Chess Development commission (2010-2014). In 2014, Olena was nominated for the position of the FIDE Vice-President by delegates from 10 European countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Estonia and Finland. Olena was a delegate from the Ukrainian Chess Federation at the FIDE Congresses (2011-2012) and took part in the meetings of the FIDE Presidential Council as a representative of the ACP (2008-2010).

Association of Chess Professionals (ACP)

Olena Boytsun was an elected member of the Board and the Secretary General of the ACP in 2008-2010 and 2011-2014.

One of Olena's areas of work was the creation and update of marketing materials for the Association of Chess Professionals. In 2012, a rebranding was implemented, with the development of a new logo and a corporate identity. Olena oversaw the entire process, from the development of the terms of reference to the opening of the new website . The website contains a large database of members, internal calculations of the ACP rating and other complex systems. The design of the first page was slightly changed with the time, while everything else works without changes.

The first female advanced

chess match

On April 2, 2013, the first progressive chess match in the history of Ukraine and the first such match in the history of chess among women took place in Kyiv. The participants of the match are world champion, international grandmaster Anna Ushenina and women's international master, president of the Children's Chess Foundation Elena Boitsun. A feature of advanched chess is that participants could use any computer program to analyze the position. The game lasted 38 moves and ended in a draw.

Babish Gilzi and his friends are playing chess

In 2014, the children book "Babish Gilzi plays chess” by Olena Boytsun was published by the Folio Publishing House. The book presents the basic rules of chess in the form of the fiction. You can find more information about the book on the website about Babish Gilzi and his friends at

All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation

“Chess for Children"

In November 2012, Olena Boytsun founded the Chess for Children Charity with the aim to promote the game of chess and a healthy lifestyle among children and youth. Olena finances the foundation on her own. The fund is known in the chess environment for its projects, especially the Sozonov Award for talented children (Evgeniy Sozonov was Olena’s grandfather and a first trainer) and the program of assistance for clubs and schools "Chess Ukraine”. More information can be found at the Chess for Children website -
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